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The kids are very welcome. According to
you will rest here as well.

The Castle park comes down from the city center to the guesthouse Intenzíva. The path is ideal for a walk with your kids or your pet. During the walk you can stop by us to refresh yourself. We offer a park oriented terrace with a blacktop area where your kid will became a racer on kids bike or scooters. Younger kids can play in a small playhouse with slides and swings. Physical skills can be tested on the rope-lift and a horse riding is also available once a month. If unexpected summer storm appears you can stay in our large interior playroom, where you can find games for all ages – from a small trampoline and jigsaws to billiard, table tennis, table football or darts. Older ones can amuse themselves by playing table games such as chess, scrabble, poker, ludo and many more.